Requirements and Templates for Board Meeting Agendas

An agenda that is well-organized for a board meeting is a crucial tool that can ensure productive, collaborative meetings – regardless of whether the meeting is in person or via video. It’s a means to keep the discussion focused on what’s important and avoid losing time or energy to non-productive topics. While a well-organized agenda is an essential element of a strong board meeting, there’s much more that you can do to increase your board’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Ideally, agendas for board meetings should be divided between two and three days, up to a week prior to the meeting. This gives board members enough time to review and prepare for the meeting. It also gives them an opportunity to request any additional items that they think need to be discussed at the meeting. It’s a simple but effective method to cut back on any unexpected additions that occur at the beginning of the board click here to investigate meeting.

When it comes to agenda items, be sure to include both new and old business. Old business includes any unresolved issues from previous meetings, while new business will include any topics discussed.

Be sure to document clearly any decisions that were made in the course of discussion when preparing the minutes of the board meeting. Also, make sure to record any points of order and appeals made during the meeting. You should also include an overview of any executive session that took place.


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