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See how provides the help needed to achieve sobriety. Alcoholism is a rampant issue that is found in our society. Millions of people suffer from the consequences of alcoholism every day. Whether you are an alcoholic, friend or family member, boss, or employee of an alcoholic, your life is significantly affected by the devastating effects of the disorder and how it affects others. Society tells us that it is ok to drink and even encourages it through social activities such as happy hour and even most social gatherings.


Unfortunately, only about 15-20% of people with alcoholism get help from doctors or treatment programs. A lot of people don’t get help until they are forced to by a court, family member, or employer. Alcoholism is a legitimate and diagnosable mental health disorder.

Fact: Underage youth intake more than 90% of the alcohol they consume by binge drinking.

These high functioning addicts can have good jobs and a family that adores them. It may even be that heavy drinking is considered the norm within their profession. So long as they are able to perform well there will not be much pressure on them to reduce their intake. As stated in the previous sections, a person does not need to be drinking or drunk all day every day to be an alcoholic. Many alcoholics become very skilled in hiding their own alcohol problem, so it is not uncommon for someone with an alcohol addiction to skirt by unnoticed.

increases your risk

There are alcoholics who can go without having a drink for days or weeks at a time. Some may binge drink occasionally, some may only drink on the weekends, and some may drink until the point of deep intoxication to cope with stress. Each of these patterns is indicative of a person who may be an alcoholic. A person does not need to be drinking all day and/or every day to be an alcoholic. Many tend to think of it as more of a personal issue or lack of motivation to quit, rather than a legitimate illness. It is a frustrating issue for everyone who is affected by alcoholism, even if they are not alcoholics themselves. Throughout the decades, researchers have made colossal steps to understand what alcoholism is and how it affects a person.

An alcoholic cannot hold down a job.

myths about alcoholism is processed in the liver, where enzymes help break down ethanol into acetaldehyde and acetate. We offer a wide variety of rehab programs that cater to every situation. Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals will offer you the guidance and support you need to stay on track. Here at Intrepid Detox Residential, not only will we help get you started on the path to recovery, but we’ll make sure that you stay on the right path every single step of the way. Finally, you may reach the point where you need to contact a professional interventionist. Bring in the interventionist and give them all the help they need to get your friend or loved one into treatment.

  • We offer a wide variety of rehab programs that cater to every situation.
  • Whether you’ve harbored some of these misconceptions about alcohol, of find that you or a loved one have a troubling pattern of drinking, Recovery Centers of America can provide lifesaving help now.
  • Here we explore ten common myths or misconceptions concerning alcohol and alcohol use disorder .
  • After a prolonged period of heavy drinking, the physical and psychological symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can be difficult to endure, even deadly.

It’s important to learn the truth about alcohol abuse to help you make healthy decisions. We publish material that is researched, cited, edited and reviewed by licensed medical professionals. The information we provide is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It should not be used in place of the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers. Anyone is susceptible to developing an alcohol addiction or alcohol use problem. A person does not need to have character flaws, be sick or suffering, or have a hard time managing stress, to develop an alcohol problem. Anyone has the potential to develop an addiction, and once a person is dependent on alcohol, it is very difficult to quit.

Myth #5: Alcoholics have to hide their alcoholism.

Heavy drinking over a long time can also cause a certain type of nerve pain. One of the biggest myths that alcoholics entertain is the idea that life is boring once they give up drink. This is a type of cognitive dissonance, and it could not be further from the truth. It was only when people become sober that they realize how boring and limited their life was during the midst of their addiction. Sobriety usually means that the individual does not have enough hours in the day to do all the things they want to do. Boring is rarely a problem for people who have built a life in sobriety. There are many misconceptions about alcoholism that can lead to confusion and misunderstandings.

8 Myths About Alcohol That Your Liver Will Thank You For Not … – SciTechDaily

8 Myths About Alcohol That Your Liver Will Thank You For Not ….

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Not only are there subjective differences in scores and intellectual performance, but alcohol can also physically impactyouth brain development. Some areas of the brain are physically smaller in teens who drink when compared to teens who do not, and these teens are more likely to have problems with attention, self-regulation and impulsivity. One thing that contributes to underage drinking deaths is suicide. Teens who drink alcohol — especially those who binge drink — are significantlymore likelyto try to injure or kill themselves. This includes cutting, attempting to hang themselves or attempting to poison themselves.

There are so many misconceptions about alcoholics, and this is one of the biggest ones. People believe that there’s no coming back from intense alcoholism, and if you’re an alcoholic you’ve somehow hit “rock bottom”, meaning that life simply cannot get any worse. If you’re looking for alcoholism treatment in Asheville, there are plenty of options out there for you. Here at Asheville Recovery Center, we offer a variety of different programs to help you get and stay sober long term. If it were a behavior problem, many very strong-willed alcoholic people I know would have stopped drinking long ago.

  • While many people who are addicted to alcohol lose a lot of important things in their lives, like families, friends, jobs, homes, and more, calling this “rock bottom” can be damaging.
  • Riviera Recovery is a health and wellness sober living community helping men & women recover from substance use, mental health and co-occurring disorders.
  • If you only drink wine or beer, you don’t have a problem.
  • Form a non-accusing team to confront the person with the damage they are doing to themself, their job, and their community.
  • Most people assume that those suffering from alcoholism are doing so by choice.
  • Each of these patterns is indicative of a person who may be an alcoholic.


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